About Us

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Welcome to the 1st Annual Destination Cuisine Food and Travel Festival. We are an amazing new food culture that brings together RESTAURANTS, FOODIES and CULINARY EXPLORERS.  We don’t just eat food, we experience it. There is a reason that people have love affairs with food. It hits at our very core, our senses and our HEART.

As an award winning food blogger, published writer and photographer and former marketing executive, I wanted to form a CULTure that would bring the passions of food and travel  together. They are as individual as people are. I invite you on this journey of discovering new places to eat and travel that would otherwise only be found on review sites. Please stay tuned  as we grow and join this new CULTure of sharing experiences.

To the foodie traveler in all of us, I say, Eat Well…Live Full. Ciao. Laura Raymond.

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 A special thank you to the following people. A festival of this magnitude could not have come together without your unending dedication to supporting the community. Your time, love and expertise is much appreciated.

Kathy Demler – Sweetgrass Farms

Alma Johnson – Sarasota Honey Company